How to make Social Media a Success

Continental AG

Vortrag zum internationalen GUIDE Kick-off

Hintergrund: Zum Start der internen Social Media Plattform ConNext wurden 200 Mitarbeiter aus 37 Ländern zu einem Kick-off Event nach Hamburg geladen, um weltweit als Multiplikatoren die Einführung der Plattform zu unterstützen.

Ziel des Vortrags: Im Vortrag wurde ein bewährtes Vorgehensmodell für die Einführung von Social Media Plattformen beschrieben, praxiserprobte Tipps und Tricks vorgestellt und Erfolgsbeispiele anderer Unternehmen analysiert.

How To Make A Social Media Success? In my work with global players, regional companies and non-profit organizations, we have found some answers to this question.
In the following 45 minutes, I am going to present to you a simple method that we have used in the work with these organizations. It is called the POST method. P stands for People, O for Objectives, S for strategy and T for Technology. For now, let us keep in mind. Technology is the last step.


„It is not the management or the technology that we see in the heart of what we call social media. It is the daily users. Only they can fill social media with life.
Social media is primarily a social challenge. And to solve this challenge it is important that a lot of different people work together. IT alone cannot solve these challenges. Only if management, IT and the final users work together, social media will be successful.“

„That leads us to a second question I would like to clarify. What exactly do we mean by success? When would you say that you have successfully used social media? We have to know what success means in this context to be able to measure if in the end we have successfully used social media. In general, social media is successful if you can use it as a tool to improve the way you solve your professional problems. Social media is successful if it helps you to be more efficient or to solve your problems faster.“

„In the professional environment, we know that our colleagues are very different. They all have different social media mentalities. Some love to participate in public discussion and to spend a lot of time in using new communication technologies. These colleagues, however, are usually in the minority. And yet they are driving the use of social media. Those are the colleagues you should win for your social media projects. Chances are high that they are the first to integrate social media into their daily work to be more efficient and to their jobs faster.“

„The last step is technology. Technologies change far too quickly to have a strategy for every technology. It is rather the opposite. A good strategy should survive changes in technology. This is the reason why from a business perspective technology should be the last step. Decide which technological functions you need to achieve your objectives with social media. By now you should know your target group and your objectives. Check them again and make a list of functions that technology needs to enable. Compare this list with the functions your platform already offers. I’m sure you’ll be surprised. Your social media platform already provides you with a lot of possible functions – from blogs to communities. The only thing that is left to do, is to make the right choice.“